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Help low-income families bereaved by COVID overcome their loss

Each death to COVID is a tragedy that could have been avoided. With the vicious second wave of coronavirus wreaking havoc across India, the daily recorded fatality number has peaked and crossed 4,000.

For many heartbroken families, these numbers represent important, able, working members whose departure will also leave them financially bereft - especially so for those already struggling to make ends meet.

As they adjust to their new reality - to try and ease the pain for the first few weeks - GiveIndia will be initiating direct bank transfers to families of the deceased through our trusted NGO partners. Each bereaved family will receive a one-time humanitarian cash support of ₹30,000 to help with living expenses.

Join this mission to support grieving families at risk of falling further into poverty.

Verification Process

Trusted NGO partners will work with government hospitals, local authorities & crematoriums to identify families of the deceased & create a database.

Direct cash transfers will be made after GiveIndia’s strict due diligence framework of verifying the authenticity of the claimants and their need.

GiveIndia will share regular updates of disbursements and impact in the On Ground Updates section, below.

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Cash support of ₹30,000

Will help bereaved urban families with monthly expenses for 2 months.

Will help bereaved rural families with monthly expenses for 3 months

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SOS Children's Villages of India
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